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IRC guideline for NAIHS Research Grant 2078

Institutional Review Committee (IRC) is one of the most important component of NAIHS to guide the establishment of strong and effective Health research system in NAIHS following the guidelines of National Health Research Policy(NHRP).IRC of NAIHS was established in 2014(2071) as an autonomous body to promote health research in NAIHS. One of the main functions of the IRC is capacity development of researchers in the area of health research methodology. The IRC provides research grants to NAIHS researchers to enhance their capacities in conducting studies in areas related to national health priorities.


The primary purpose of the research grant of the NAIHS-IRC is to promote research, development and innovation through research grant to faculty members as well as to strengthen research infrastructure of NAIHS.

Scope of Grant:

The research grant seeks proposal that will contribute to bridging the evidence gap in the areas of health issues of national importance.Proposed research Proposal must be innovative and transformable, and must have the potential to impact on good health and well-being of the Nepalese population. The grant aims to seek research proposal on the following themes;
a. Maternal and child health, and nutrition
b. Issues related to infertility
c. Mental health and substance abuse
d. Accident and injuries
e. Health care delivery services including quality of care, patient safety, critical care
f. Non communicable disease including its epidemiology, risk factors, prevention, treatment and control
g. Biomedical research including antimicrobial resistance, antimicrobial stewardship,
h. human genetics
i. Elderly Care & Services
j. Communicable diseases including infectious and tropical diseases as well as neglected tropical diseases
k. Gender, equity and social determinants of health

Research Grants Amount:

i) The grant will be offer to each department and also interdepartmental of NAIHS such as Clinical, basic science, Nursing (College of Nursing & Hospital).

For Departmental Research Grant:
Eligibility Criteria:

i. Only applicants from NAIHS-COM, NAIHS-CON,NAIHS-COMP &Shree Birendra Hospital.
ii. Permanent faculty for last 3 years
iii. Master degree in related field
iv. Researchers should be a health worker/academia/health care provider/health care manager with academic background
v. A research project should have one Principal Investigator who must be from NAIHS-COM, NAIHS-CON,NAIHS-COMP&SBH
vi. Proposed research project must be allied with the scope mention above.
vii. Principal Investigatorshould publishedat least one research article in peer-reviewed journal as principal author
viii. The grant can be spent only on the approved activities of the approved research project.
ix. Grant to be given for intra or inter departmental study


The duration of the research study will be one year. All successful applicants must complete their research within 12 months after a signing grant agreement form. Study period can be extended maximum up to 6 months with decision of NAIHS-IRC.

bApplication Instructions:

Application can be submitted in IRC office. Application should be submitted in Word file format. Application should be submitted in English. Applicant should submit the following documents;
i. Cover Letter (like application)
ii. Research proposal (Annex I)
iii. Financial Proposal (Annex II)
iv. CV of Principal researchers and team members
v. A copy of citizenship of principal investigator

Review Process:

NAIHS-IRC, will verify the proposals based on the formal criteria such as completeness, adequate formal presentation and submission within the deadlines. Proposals that do not meet these criteria will not be processed further. The independent Review Panel according to a peer review procedure will evaluate proposals. Upon completion of peer review, NAIHS-IRC will receive a ranking list and ratings from the Review Panel. Selection decisions will be based on the ranking list and ratings received from the Panel.

Grant Amount:

The amount to be granted as per
1. Intra departmental
2. Inter department
It is depended upon the type of study approval by IRC.The amount of grant and selection of proposal to be decided fully by the decision of IRC board meeting.Six month progress report and final report at the end of the year should be presented to NAIHS-IRC. Grant holder should submit the all the required documents, bill, voucher used for granted research. If they did not submit required documents, bill, voucher on time, the granted amount need to be refunded.After submission of required documents only half grant will be given and one fourth of grant will be given after completion of research.Remaining one fourth grants will be given after final research reportsubmission. The grant will be paid by account pay cheque.

Evaluation Criteria:

Research proposals will be judged against the following criteria;
i. Is the proposed idea clearly articulated and justifies its novelty?
ii. Is the potential impact of the proposed research important, both in terms of bridging the evidence gap, impact on research policy and strengthen research view of NAIHS?
iii. Is the project scientifically/technically sound and feasible within the timeline and proposed budget?
iv. Do the Principal Investigator and team has the skills to carry out the proposed research?
v. Does the proposed idea have the potential to fundamentally transform how a health challenge is addressed?

Application Schedule:

Application call during end of Kartik 2078 Application submission deadline end of Mangshir 2078


Any queries related to this research project should contact MemberSecretary of NAIHS-IRC. , Contact no: 9841669363

Annex I:
Template for Research Proposal:

The research proposal should be structured around following template to fulfill criteria for success submission. The Proposal should be submitted in English, and should be a maximum of10 pages (excluding cover page and the bibliography).

Cover Page:

Project title, Name of Principal Investigator and team members, affiliated organization and designation

Knowledge in the field of proposed research and the novelty or research project:

Set out the scientific background and basis of your project. Explain the need to perform research on the topic you propose, related to the local situation and current national and international development debates and policies. Please highlight the research gap your research will bridge and the novelty of the topic, approach or method you propose.

Research objectives/Hypothesis:

Specify the research hypotheses and the concrete objectives that you aim to achieve during the lifetime of the project. Explain why the issue looked at is of national importance.


Describe the strategies your project will use to implement the propose research. The strategy should include clear description of research methods by which the research goals are to be attended such as research design, sampling, and data collection and analysis plan with limitation and conceptual framework in detail.

Potential Impact t of the Project:

Explain, through a short context analysis how the proposed research project is important in terms of bridging the evidence gap and impact on healthresearch policy and practice and also strengthen the research view of NAIHS.

Project Schedule and Budget:

Outline major activities with the completion timeframe and estimated budget.


The bibliography should follow the Vancouver referencing style. The bibliography must be part of the document, but does not count towards the 10-page restriction.

Annex II:
Template for financial proposal (budget breakdown):

The total amount of the Grant should include the processing fees of Ethical Review Board of Instituteand also taxes if any.
Budget breakdown of the amount after deducting ethical approval processing fee and taxes should follow the following proportion:

Budget Breakdown:

Expenditure Category Proportion
1. Human Resource (Investigators) 15%
2. Research Work 70%
  a. Stationery/Photocopies
  b. Remuneration to Research Assistants (If any)
 c. Field work of the study (Per Diem)
 d. Travel costs for field
 e. Tools and checklist preparation
 f. Interventions and/or Investigations (If applicable)
3. Management and coordination (Overhead/Institutional Cost) 10% 4. Miscellaneous (Unforeseen) Cost 5%

Published Date: 09 Nov, 2021

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