Dear Students,

Welcome to one of the best medical colleges of Nepal!

This may well be one of the defining moments of your life. Each one of you will fondly look back to these four and a half years that you will spend in this distinguished institution and learn about the legacy of being a “NAIHSian”. It is my pleasure to write this message to you all.

NAIHS not only produces doctors but “good doctors” with a holistic and broad knowledge, who will serve the nation and needy mankind as a whole.

NAIHS, being your home away from home, my primary concern is to make it meaningful and enjoyable during your educational journey. My second concern is that when you will leave this prestigious institution as a doctor, you should be able to garner the fond memories of your college life, whatsoever, into the sweet nostalgia of your accomplished journey.

As NAIHS-COM is a Nepalese Army undertaking, you all are expected to follow and be abided by the laid down rules and regulations and cooperate in shaping up yourself into a well-qualified, self-disciplined and a responsible doctor.

As a result of large number of in-house students my own experience as a hosteller right from the early school to medical college days were not free from problems related to education, dining and living facilities and co-curricular activities. We all learn to live with the minor issues for a better cause. But at the same time you should not hesitate to bring the pertinent issues to attention of college administration whenever necessary.

Last but not the least I am confident that you will strictly follow the academic calendar, teaching routines, co-curricular activities, hostel rules and the legacy of NAIHS in an orderly manner. Your traits, manners and behaviour are the most essential building blocks of your future. To achieve success it is very important that you maintain the good coordination between your daily routine and academic activities in the college.

I wish you all my best and expect you to give your best too.

Associate Professor. Dr. Arun Neopane
Tech. Brigadier General
Deputy Executive Director(NAIHS) And Principal(COM)

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