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Nepalese Army Institute of Health Services (NAIHS) is a not-for-profit medical education endeavor of Welfare Fund of the Nepali Army. It is managed by the Welfare Planning Directorate of the Nepali Army. Its advisory committee comprises of all relevant directorates of the Nepali Army under the leadership of the Chief of Army Staff (COAS).

The NAIHS campus in Bhandarkhal, Sanobharyang was inaugurated by Honorable Dr. Ram Baran Yadav, the first President of Nepal, on 10 Jestha 2069 B.S. (23 May 2012 A.D.).

Under its three colleges (College of Medicine, College of Nursing, and College of Medical Polytechnic),NAIHS currently caters six diploma level programs, three bachelor level programs, and thirteen master level post-graduate programs in different areas of the medical field. Over the past ten years (after being established in the year 2010), NAIHS has proven itself to be one of the premier institutes in the field of health professions' education by achieving excellent results in the final board examinations. Overall, NAIHS strives to address the existing scarcity of medical, paramedical and nursing in Nepal by encompassing all health related fields.

Shree Birendra Hospital is the teaching hospital of NAIHS and is located in Chhauni, Kathmandu. It is a tertiary level, modern, central and referral hospital of the Nepali Army. The hospital currently has 635 beds and it provides almost all types of medical services to the serving army personnel, retired army personnel, civilian faculty members and staff of NAIHS and their dependents.


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