Department of Microbiology

Medical Microbiology: Glimpse, Vision and Goal

The Department of Microbiology NAIHS-COM is involved in teaching theory and practical classes to the under graduate students of MBBS, B.Sc Nursing and BN nursing and diagnostic and research works.

The aim of study of microbiology is to produce a well-rounded competent medical graduate and nursing personnels for health care services to carry out treatment and prevention of preventable diseases.

On completion of 5 year of MBBS program, medical graduate should be able to:
i.) Play a role in surveillance, prevention and eradication of infectious disease and its causative agent.
ii.) Develop a basic approach to the practice of clinical microbiology and infectious diseases.
iii.) Advance once own knowledge and skills through higher education Via. CME program and Research.
iv.) Demonstrate and contemporary knowledge and skills.
v.) Provide basic management care concerning infectious diseases.
vi.) Identify common infectious diseases, manage them initially and take the opinion from microbiology consultants or refer to appropriate health laboratories when required.
vii.) Give basic idea about causative agents of diseases, its source and mode of transmission to the concerned.
viii.) Participate immunization programs and in health camps.
ix.) Provide health care by becoming aware of the ethos of microbiological ethics.

List of the faculty members
1.Professor and HOD, Dr. Y. Ibotomba Singh, MBBS, MD
2.Associate Professor, Mr.Gyanendra Ghimire,B.Sc., M.Sc
3.Lecturer, Major Dr. Raina Chaudhary, MBBS,MD
4.Lecturer, Major Dr. Sabita Bhatta, MBBS,MD
5.Lecturer, Major Dr. Alina singh, MBBS, MD
6.Lecturer, Mrs .Binita Adhikari, B.Sc, M.Sc
7.Lecturer, Mrs. Sarita Yadav, BMLT, M.Sc