Department of Bio-Chemistry

Introduction to the Department:

Biochemistry is a very broad science that studies the molecules and the chemistry of life. Biochemistry focuses on the structure, the properties and interactions of molecules such as proteins, nucleic acids, sugars and lipids. Biochemistry’s aim is to understand how these molecules participate in the processes that support the various functions of the living cell. These studies are therefore essential for understanding health and disease and finding cure. The Department of Biochemistry at College of Medicine -Nepalese Army Institute of Health Sciences (NAIHS) is one of the basic medical science departments established in 2011. The college is affiliated to Institute Of Medicine (IOM), Tribhuwan University (TU), thus it is following the community oriented, integrated teaching/ learning curriculum of MBBS programme of the university. The integrated basic medical science teaching is of two years duration (first and second year MBBS).

Vision of the Department:

The discipline of Biochemistry is a cornerstone for modern biomedical sciences. The advancement in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Sciences will lead to the developement of advanced technologies that are important in the diagnosis as well as in the cure of metabolic and other cellular dysfunctions and in the management of infectious diseases.

This Department must provide a center of excellence that promotes the understanding of the molecular events that underlie normal and pathological functions in medicine and other allied health sciences. In addition, the Department must be highly skilled in transferring such knowledge and education to students, physicians, and other allied health personnel, and to educate the general public.

Goal of the Department:

Consistent with the NAIHS Strategic plan, the Department of Biochemistry at the NAIHS is committed to the professional and personal growth of undergraduate and postgraduate students through the development of new scientific knowledge, critical thinking, problem-solving strategies, active learning, self-realization, and participation in research discoveries. The Department of Biochemistry sees as its mission to:

1. Offer a high quality courses in Biochemistry appropriate for medical students as well as students in related fields, such as dental, pharmacy, and other allied health studies.
2. Provide the science major with an introduction to biochemistry course as well as advanced Biochemistry and Molecular Biology courses at the masters-level graduate studies.
3. Encourage and assure high quality research and other scholarly activity on the part of both faculty and students.

Objective of the Department:

1. To provide the highest quality biomedical education.
2. To promote the basic and translational research for the benefit of humanity.
3. Devotion to our patients in providing quality and compassionate care.
4. Commitment to our local and global communities.

Department Informations:

The department of biochemistry is situated on the first floor of the NAIHS Basic Science complex. It has separate room for every faculty. The Department has separate practical laboratory for undergraduate students, research laboratory on hospital side with systemically arranged all the instruments. Furthermore, the department has a conference room, library, demonstration room, tutorial/problem based learning (PBL) room, reception with office assistant and computer, and a pantry.

Current activities:

Academic activities:

1. The teaching activities include conducting lectures and practical exercises for the undergraduate medical (MBBS), Bachelor of Nursing (BNS) and Bachelor of Science (BSc) students.

2. In undergraduate teaching we employ innovative teaching techniques such as Problem Based Learning, objective structured of practical examinations (OSPEs), objective structured of clinical examinations (OSCEs) and Tutorials etc. The department has developed separate practical manuals for the first and second year MBBS students according to the curriculum.

3.The laboratory is committed to maintain the highest quality of performance using the latest technology and equipment that enables us to provide rapid and reliable results for the patient in the shortest turnaround time. The faculties are encouraged to do research and publish scientific papers.

Future plans:

1. To start the postgraduate programme (MD biochemistry) based on the curriculum of TU-IOM.
2. To set up the molecular research laboratory.
3. To establish the interconnectivity of biochemistry department to the hospital by a Laboratory Information System (LIS) for speedier and accurate generation of reports.

Introduction of Head of the Department (HOD)

Dr. Ankush Mittal , Associate Professor is the Head of Department of Biochemistry since 2012 in NAIHS. He has completed his Doctor of Medicine in Biochemistry from Kasturba Medical College, Manipal, India. He has published several papers in national and international journals. He is actively involved in the upliftment of clinical biochemistry in Nepal.

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